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Concrete overlayment

To  resurface a floor with a concrete overlayment self leveling hydraulic cement is perfect for concrete floors that can't be recuperate or retrofitted 
Concrete overlayment floors are apply in 1/4 of and inch up to 1 inch 
this overlayment system is great for indoor concrete floors and out doors can be stain but we recomend to do the color in to the mix because this self leveling overlayment it's hard to maintain the stain because the hardness of the floor  don't allow the stain to penetrate the tru self leveling cement 

to apply the concrete overlay  self leveling is very important the concrete surface preparation if its beat blast or grinding it with and aggressive metal diamond to archive good grip for the concrete overlayment to stick or bond against the concrete the nest step is prime the surface
primer can be water base or epoxy with silica sand depend on the case and budget 
when to use epoxy with silica ? when you have a subtract concrete floor that have allot of cracks in order to reduce the crack of the new self leveling overlayment the epoxy system is apply
the next step is apply the concrete overlyment and in this step the most important is the mix to be constant ration don't take the mixer out of the bucket because this will cause air in the mix and create air entrain in the overlay other factor is coolness of the water keep it really cool to extend the workability of the overly 
this self leveling overlayment can be polished after 8 hours of place. And create a beutifull shine polished overlayment floor
like we mention before we recommend for the color to be in the mix not stain.

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