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Concrete polishing in Grocery stores floors  and Supermarkets


A  great benefit of using concrete Polishing for grocery stores floors  or place of business is the result in energy savings. 

This is due to the Thermal mass property of the concrete, 

Which means its high capacity to absorb, store, and slowly release heat and coolness.  in grocery stores or any place that have concrete

Concrete thermal mass moderates indoor temperature swings and reduces the load on heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment. for the grocery store or supermarket
This video future a supermarket in the bahamas where we design 3 concrete polishing colors 


This video of Concrete Polishing in  a Grocery store finish Outstanding level 3 and  stain concrete 1-800-935-3220

The Energy savings from thermal mass, however, go unrealized if the concrete is unexposed. Carpeting and hardwood, for example, have very low degrees of thermal mass. But stain concrete polishing  in a grocery store or supermarket uses the full potential of thermal mass. Annual savings are estimated at between 15% and 26% annually, depending on the amount of concrete polishing flooring used in the building. With natural gas prices rising at approximately 10% or more annually , this is a very real source of savings for a  grocery store & supermarket business 

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To Doit right we help you out !

Great grocery flooring low maintenance and savings in your electric bill

There are other grocery flooring available like VCT grocery flooring but imagine the maintenance a vct floor need like wax , strip and wax again , the energy it require to cool or heat this type of

grocery flooring

when the life cycle end in the vct grocery flooring the grocery owner need to pay for removal of the existence vct flooring and place the new one or he  could take the chance of place ed on top and the vct in the bottom fail and start all over again

in the case of this polished grocery flooring we speak with the grocery owner and ask him how much time he is taking to clean this (50.000) sft grocery floor and he told us 1 hour every day with his mid side scrubber Machine.Our pads ,water ,and neutral soap and the grocery store floor look pristine every time 

in the case of life cycle of the concrete polishing floor the next time he needs to redo his grocery flooring is going to cost him around 65 to 70% of the initial cost  if it was well finish the concrete polishing this mean if the floor was done right (not skipping steps, well ground and polish, )




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