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is a challenge We have been serving the East & Central US. For over  10 years specialized in Concrete Polishing  and industrial coatings all our Concrete polishing videos and Images in this website is part of our Concrete polishing projects

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Concrete Polishing 

Concrete floor polishing finishes can be categorized as:

Concrete restoration low ,semi, high-gloss

• Industrial polishing floors finish ideally for use in a factory or industrial non-decorative situations

• Semi gloss polishing floors finish where a mirror-like finish is not required
• High-gloss polishing floors finish producing an almost mirror-like floor


Concrete polishing


  • Faster surface hardening
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Higher compressive strength
  • Non-dusting surface
  • Odorless application and environmentally friendly properties (VOC FREE) promoting a healthier working environment.
  • Chemical and water resistance
  • Reduces lighting costs due to easy flow of the air  and increase up to 30% of light reflectivity
  • Contributes to LEED points
  • Easy application
  • A beautiful appearance that is low maintenance

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