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Concrete Polishing Sample Floor from Concrete Polishing on Vimeo.

This polishing Concrete sample By Outstanding Floors Inc.
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This video show the steps take to do a restoration on a old concrete floor from remove of commercial vinyl floors ,First grinding steps and polishing the concrete this system require specialty knowledge in the field other wise the end product is not going to looks best
Industrial flooring is Our Business

how to grind concrete floors for a good seal concrete floor application.
With The use of heavy grinding machines and metal diamond could grind your old  Concrete floor and remove old epoxy's , vct's, majority of the stains from the old concrete cap of the floor
The grinding concrete process start depending on the concrete surface and final application of the concrete floor if is a preparation for epoxy floors or overlayment floor applications in this case we need profile for the surface in order to bond against the epoxy / seal concrete or overlayment floors and for this situation we will start with a 16 diamond grit metal diamond and do a north south -east west pass and fill holes
For other applications

Concrete Floor preparation used to

 remove Coatings , and adhesives

 form old carpet floors

And expose retrofit concrete floor different finishes could be done with that new expose concrete surface it can be seal with a regular sealer or could surface prep the surface to apply a new polyuratane finish coat over the new concrete surface other options are stain the concrete to add a color or polished the concrete surface.
 Grinding concrete floors is a solution for your old wear out concrete floors or to make a good surface preparation to apply a new coating system 
Our Grinding concrete floors system is a green system because we grind dry not wet and all the material we are grinding is collect in our vacumm system this concrete is 100% recycle and if its combine with a green floor system like concrete polishing your new concrete floor could qualify for LEED Points
the concrete is restore and if is polished could help 
but to do this is important the company is hired for . because the wrong company could damage your concrete floors or do a regular job 
other important point is make sure they really did the jobs they are showing in their websites because they use other company photos and they don even care 
We care about Our projects and we don't need to show something we didn't do in our websites
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this Photo is a seal concrete floor with a stain design and a sealer floor

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