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Stain Concrete floors

Stain concrete Floors in Florida
stain concrete floors have many concrete finishes that could be apply with stain concrete floors it can be clear epoxy coat or seal concrete and the one is gaining popularity is concrete polishing with stains systems as acid stain or dye colors
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stain Concrete

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Decorative Concrete floor

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Proper surface preparation is essential to successfully Epoxy concrete surfaces

Scoring - Shallow-cuts can be made in existing concrete surfaces to suggest tile grout lines or simply create geometric designs and patterns to separate colors.

Chemical Staining - Special stains are formulated to chemically react with the concrete's lime content. They lightly etch and bond color into the concrete surface. This method can be used on new or old concrete slabs. However, the results are not always predictable due to lime leaching, weathering, surface texture, or exposure to other chemicals, and results may vary widely from project to project.

Epoxy 100% solids


is a waterborne, universal, high solids, HDI cured two component product that offers UV resistance, good chemical resistance,

Stain concrete floors are Great solution for office spaces, residential stain floors, warehouse applycations, restaurants floors,

stain concrete floors compete with tile floors and marble floors and will stand for many years of use and abuse depending on the quality of the products use and the surface preparation the contractor did we could use the actual concrete slab or do and overlayment floor and use stain floors finish   make a  designs and use a sealer ,epoxy or polish
Using a heavy grinders fit with metal diamond (not sand paper) you could remove old adhesive or coating from the surface and create a organize scratch pattern in the concrete floor to archive a uniform surface , this concrete surface at this point can be stain concrete and use a sealer , epoxy or polyuretane coating to archive decorative concrete finish

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