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 warehouse floor Options are in the market


For new concrete floor projects in warehouses 

the concrete floor can be densify ,seal, polished concrete, or use a coating system in existent concrete floor

We can help you. if you decide to do a coating.

 We could restore your old concrete floor and at the same time fix problems like un even concrete floors , flaking , ware out ! concrete surface

like in this photo we are removing a old epoxy and concrete preparing for a new epoxy system with our heavy grinding equipment

for warehouse floors  are many different alternatives

Concrete polishing for your concrete floors can be done in you new Warehouse floors or old to restore the concrete surface an give a long lasting brand new concrete look

other alternative for your concrete floors is and epoxy floors system for a warehouse paint floors 

in this case was a decorative epoxy floor , can be done in warehouses, restaurants, offices ,schools, 

 Epoxy floors

see our concrete floors videos for more information


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